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Arrive on Time

If you're 10 minutes late, you wait until the next class - we reward tardiness with burpees!!


Attend Class

We have your number and know where you live!!! It is not above us to inquire, call or search FALLBROOK to find out your whereabouts.  We want to see you at the gym on a weekly basis!  A workout may suck before and during, but you always feel better afterward.  All you have to do is get your butt through the door and we take care of the rest.


Set Up Your Equipment

We will help you scale weights and movements but it is your responsibility to get your weights, set up your station and claim your workout real estate.


Clean Up After Yourself

Clean up equipment, sweat, spit, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, handprints and whatever else you’ve left behind.


Chalk is Useful

It is also messy. Use as much as you need, but there is no need to chalk up to your elbows. Please keep the excess inside the chalk bucket.


Treat Equipment with Respect

Use it heavy and hard, but don’t abuse it. There is no need to throw down a 55lb overhead press!!



Children are more than welcome to watch their parents train. However, we also want to keep kids and everyone else in our gym safe. Please make sure your kids stay off gym equipment and away from the weights.


Check Yourself...Leave Your Drama at the Door

Emotional issues? Don’t bring that stuff into the gym. Use your hour at the gym to clear your mind and focus on training hard. Fallbrook CrossFit is your sanctuary and we what you to leave each training session stronger mentally and physically.


Leave Your Ego at the Door

Don’t allow your ego to get in the way of training. There is always room for improving and progressing. Remember, there is always someone out there bigger, faster, and stronger than you. Never Say, “I CAN’T”. This is a four-letter cuss word in our gym. Self-pity accomplishes nothing and will result in Burpees.


You are the Athlete not the Coach

Encouragement is expected…coaching other athletes is not accepted. We know that members have good intentions when they start giving coaching cues, but there is a big difference between “C’mon one more rep!” and “You need to… [insert coaching advice].” If you see something that looks unsafe, grab a Coach, that’s what we are here for! 


Go Hard or Go Home..."A" for Effort

Effort is more important than any other attribute. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed if you can’t lift as much or perform as well as other members. It doesn’t matter so long as you push the envelope each and every workout.


No Excuses, Whining, Pouting

You’re allowed to cry before, during and after the workout just don’t act like a baby.


Be Patient

Accidents & injuries usually come as a result of impatience. Don’t be greedy. Slow down. Ask questions. Ask for help. Upward progression in strength, speed and ability WILL COME.



We are the coaches and don’t want to see anyone get hurt or develop bad habits. We have been in your shoes and are looking out for your best interest and training progress. We are here to provide a safe and motivating environment designed for your success.


Don't Cheat

Do every rep, with solid technique, no matter the time it takes. You only cheat yourself of the opportunity to become a better athlete and person. There is no honor in cheating, what joy is there in a victory you didn’t earn?


Have Fun

Yes, you’re going to work harder than you thought possible. Yes, it’ll hurt. So what? Have fun with it. You will surpass your expectation if you keep a positive attitude.


Take Care of Yourself...Eat Right

Training is only a part of living healthy. For optimal results we recommend eating a balanced diet by limiting intake to meats & vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. For more information please ask a coach about Paleo and Zone.



Party hard and you will be feeling it during your next workout. Please limit your drinking.



Sleep is like an express train for recovery. A good night’s sleep will give you more energy, reduce injury, and accelerate recovery.


Take Rest Days

These are essential. Rest to allow muscle recovery, prevent injury, and keep the intensity high during training.


Gym Etiquette…Introduce Yourself

There is no better feeling than entering a CrossFit gym and having existing members introduce themselves. Please introduce yourself to any new athlete and new athletes introduce yourselves to our members. Fallbrook CrossFit is more than just a gym. It’s a community.


Dress Code

Don’t worry about how you look. Worry about how you perform. This is a casual gym: no shirt, no shoes, no worries.


Be Loud

We are respectful but we are not silent. During your training yell, grunt, scream, sweat, bleed, etc. You will too. Stick around after class and cheer, motivate and push your fellow athletes. There is such a thing as gentle, quiet strength, but most of us haven’t mastered that yet. Also remember that there can be such a thing as too loud, crass, gross, or rude – common sense rule applies, please be respectful.


Tell Your Family and Friends...BRAG

Tell them how you’re getting in the best shape of your life. You’re having fun. You’re doing things you never thought possible. Be PROUD!

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